Entrepreneur in Sweden

Your way to starting your own business
Anyone who is curious about starting their own business will get help through this course in mother toungue. The course is free of charge and you will keep your money from Arbetsförmedlingen while you attend. It is the first time it is offered and you will be an important part of shaping the course.

The course is 3 hours per week during 10 weeks. You can attend 5 weeks and then decide if you want to continue to the final 5 weeks. A certificate for the knowledge you have gained will be handed out after each finished course (5 week-part) which you can show to employers when you seek employment.

The course is a great starting point for continued training to become an entrepreneur and is usefull regardless if you decide to start your own business or become employed.

Who is the course for?
The course is for everyone who studies SFI 2B.

The course will give you:
• Understaning the possibilities of having your own business
• A method for thinking through your business idea
• Create networks with others and get new friends
• Get motivation to start your own business or
become employed
• Learn how to pitch and idea or pitch yourself

Are you interested?
Contact us to know more or register for the course by sending your name and mobile number to:
In arabic to monzer.dia@startupstockholm.se
In tigrinja to aster.sagai@startupstockholm.se
In English to rebecka.glaser@startupstockholm.se

Courses during 2018
Wednesdays in Hallonbergen, starting on the 14th of November
Course in English 9-12 AM
Course in Arabic 13-16 PM
Course in Tigrinja 13-16 PM

Fridays in Tumba, starting on the 16th of November
Course in Arabic 13-16 PM
Course in Tigrinja 13-16 PM