Two new specialist fields – Idea validation and Wellbeing, health and biotech

Samer Yammine is a new consultant at Start-Up Stockholm, specializing in ”Idea validation – user/customer experience” and ”Wellbeing, health & biotech sector”. During these specialist sessions, you will be able to evaluate the profitability of your business idea and see if it is ready for the world or if it needs development. Together with Samer you can apply dynamic business tools or models; discuss strategies and customer validation.

Samer Yammine profilbild

Who can benefit from going to one of Samers specialist counseling sessions?

”Anyone who has an idea that they need to validate and/or enhance can get help from me by going to the specialist advice” Idea validation. ”I have hands-on experience in creating processes, strategies and business models – I am passionate about helping others to develop their ideas no matter what they are about.

My experiences come from work in Wellbeing, health and medtech, so the customer’s business concept in this area is more helpful with me by going to the specialist council ”Wellbeing, health & biotech sector”, but as I said, I can help everyone regardless of idea.”
– Samer Yammine, Specialist Adviser

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Samer Yammine works with business and concept development, at Start-Up Stockholm he runs the workshop ”Learn the process to design your concept – a workshop to visualize and test your idea”. He hold specialist counselling sessions in ”Idea validation – user/customer experience” and ”Wellbeing, health & biotech sector”.

Samer is a serial entrepreneur and biodesigner, he has a Medicine Doctor in Cancer Epigenomics from Karolinska Institute. Samer is professionally passionate about Biodesign, User Experience, Innovation Strategy and Business Development with extensive experience in problem-solving and creative solutions within the biotech, wellbeing and health sector.

Nowadays, Samer have several roles, in academia, as course director and faculty member at Karolinska Insitutet, the Unit for Bioentrepreneurship and Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship utilizing business innovation strategy to inspire students, PhDs, senior scientists and group leaders as well as a co-organizer of the Nordic School of Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Within the biotech industry and the startup world he is active as Co-Founder/CTO of, Chairman, Co-Founder/CTIO of and Owner of Mentorzship Consultancy Lab.

Samer speaks english, french and arabic. He understands swedish in both speech and written form.